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CARES DMV saves you time and stress by taking care of all your DMV needs! As a mobile DMV service provider, CARES specializes in mobile Lien Sales, mobile DMV registration, and complicated DMV problems. You will save time on lines and save money with CARES expert navigation of the DMV system. CARES DMV is the best concierge service in CA and we travel to you!  24 years of experience Her knowledge and expertise will astound you and her personality will leave you with a smile.  There’s nothing we haven’t seen so we know you’ll find that the DMV lady is worth her weight in gold!

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She’s Worth Her Weight In Gold

CARES has spent 24 years years adding changes to the CA registration manual, the Nations’ Manual of Registration, the “POLK”, changes for dealerships, registration services, vehicle code… whenever she sees a necessary change to help her industry, CARES is always there…call Linda!